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a story

Happiness. Architecture. Sound.

Software. Process. Minimalism.

These are what I share with people.
I'm chatty and calm.

The music I make sparks my imagination. Close your eyes and open your ears as the sounds lend themselves to a story and provides a mood that let's you weave your own dreams. Each song is a suggestion for the stories spinning up and out of your own mind.

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Late 2018:
I've decide to pull back from social media (facebook, twitter, instagram) because I'm having a hard time putting it down and getting things done. Additionally I've found that it usually "triggers" me, others or just involves presenting a curated facade that isn't adding any value to anyone's day. (It's also a facade the requires too much effort.)

So let's step back for a good while. ;)

Early 2018:
New experiment escapes the lab.